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Precision piece 

Metallurgy mineral processing:


The hardness of silicon carbide is second only to diamond. It has strong wear resistant performance, which can serve as the ideal material for wear-resisting pipe, blade wheel, pump room, hydrocyclone and ore bucket lining.

Sand blasting:

The product is made of brown fused alumina micro powder through high pressure extrusion and high temperature sintering molding. It is moderate hardness and clean and not easy to damage, which can be used repeatedly and has favorable sand blasting.


1. Surface brush processing for steel, steel pipe, steel structure as well as sandblasting de-rusting treatment before spraying.
2. Used for cleaning of various kinds of mold.
3. It can eliminate all kinds of tensile stress and increase the fatigue life.
4. It can remove burr before applying tin to semiconductor devices and sealnt pipe.
5. Used for shot peening finishing processing for medical equipment, textile machinery and all kinds of hardware products.  

6. Used to clean d remove burrs residue for all kinds of metal and non-ferrous metal precision casting.

The example picture: