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White Fused Alumina

It is one kind of artificial abrasives containing over 99 percent of Al203 and a small amount of iron oxide and silicon oxide. The material appears white.

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The product particle size is produced according to the international standard and standard of each country. The particle size can be processed as per customer requirement. The general particle size is F4 ~ F220, of which its chemical composition depends on particle size. The outstanding acteristic is the small crystal size and impact resistance. If it is processed and crashed in AG mill, the particles are mostly like to be spherical particles with dry and clean surface, which is easy to bond for binding agent. 


Scope of application: white fused alumina is applicable to surface finish for all kinds of high-end product, workmanship or hardware. The surface turns to be clean without any impurities after sand blasting. The fine fused alumina is a top choice for polishing and grinding. It can be used as additive in various products. Plus, the fused alumina can be used as solid and coated abrasive, wet or dry spray sand, which is suitable for ultra grinding and polishing in crystal and electronics industry and making high-grade heat-resisting materials, etc. It is suitable for machining the material of high hardness and tensile strength such as hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel and high carbon steel. It can be also used as medium, insulator and precision casting sand. The material can be used as iron artifacts to de-rust, remove dirt and scale, increase coating and coating adhesion; it can be used to descale aluminum work-piece and strengthen surface and better finishing effect; Plus, it can realize interior smooth surface of copper work-piece de-scale , glass crystal frosted, engraved designs plastic of inferior smooth effect and special fabrics such as denim for fluffy processing and design.

  1.surface processing: metal oxide layer, carbide black rust , metal or nonmetallic surface rust removal, such as gravity die casting, rubber mold of oxides or removal of the de-bonding agent, ceramic surface spots, color removal of uranium, colored drawing.
  2.Beautification processing: all kinds of gold, K gold jewelry, precious metals products of extinction or fog surface processing, and crystal, glass, ripple, acryl of nonmetal surface processing and of making the machining surfaces metallic luster.

  3.Etch processing: it can be used for etch art design for jade, crystal, agate, semi-precious stones, seal, stone, antiques, marble tombstone, ceramic, wood, bamboo. 
  4.Pre-treatment processing: TEFLON, PU, rubber, plastic coating, rubber ROLLER, electroplating, metal spray welding, plating titanium, which can increase the surface adhesion.
  5.Burrs processing: remove burr of bakelite, plastic, zinc and aluminum die-casting products, electronic components and magnetic core.
  6.Stress relieving processing: the component of aerospace, defense, precision industry parts, rust removal and paint extinction, renovation and the stress relieving treatment.