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SINCE 2006

Established in 2006,Heyue Abrasive Material Co.,Ltd. Features one enterprise integrating smelting,production and sales.At present,the company possesses the high-purity fine silicon-carbide micropowder line and smelting furnace,with an annual production capacity of15,000 tons.Main products of the company refractory material,abrasive material and grinding tool products,etc.

During the development course,the company has continuously reformed production technology and adopted the latest testing equipment and advanced quality control system to control product quality.Now,it has become one comprehensive enterprise and group company integrating smelting,processing and trade from a production-oriented company at the very beginning of its establishment.


The company has always adhered to the philosophy-”with clients’ interests as focus and product quality as basis,to establish an enterprise with a history of one hundred years”,constantly explored the market and carried out new product research and development,and successively set up factories in Heilongjiang,Gansu,Dalian,etc,.so as to realize the integral production chain system from the source to the end products to guarantee the comprehensive control on product quality and ensure that the products made by the company have more international competitiveness.

Main business: fine silicon carbide product 

Corporation Business philosophy 

The true classic derives from long-term endeavor and concentration! 

Staff-based-We treat staff with respect and provide career training. We a bright future for our staff by encouraging them to join in the corporate management. We advocate appointing persons on their merit. We work to foster a frank and open communication atmosphere at all levels.

Customers-oriented-We always put customers first, as all we do is to meet their need. We require the management staff of sales department to understand the needs of customers by direct communication with them in order to offer premium services. We seek to a cultural atmosphere in which customers can feel the warm of home. 

Abide by the job 


We aim at offering our customers the best product. We advocate healthy life and pursue the work and life attitude of "integrity, optimistic and upward’.

Development priority 

We see “the pursuit of continuous development” as the fundamental idea. Taking "A hundred enterprise" as a long-term goal, we advocate every employee to go all out in the post, and do your best with the best working state.

Customer interest first, Employee interest second, and Enterprise interest third .